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Good wine comes from good grapes. We love to create a beautiful, well balanced vine that is wonderful to look at from your easy chair in the backyard!  Trust a Viticulturist or a landscaper? Your choice. I have fixed several vineyards that were installed incorrectly by a landscaping company. Do it right the first time and it will be a focal point in your backyard for years to come. The Viticultural Team at Vineyard for You will take care of all your vineyard needs … 100% turnkey, or we will teach you how to do it yourself if you have time. Why not give us a call and see? We have all the industry connections to get proper rootstock and varietal clones from commercial nurseries.

Vineyard For You is a professional business with combined vineyard experience of over 20 years. I am Norm Peters and was vineyard manager and winemaker on a 100 acre vineyard for over ten years. The last five years I have worked for one of the largest wineries in the world. I also currently manage the viticultural decisions at a famous winery in Livermore. I have extensive experience with grapes. I created this business because I love to plan vineyards and I enjoy once they are done when they look like a piece of art. I love to see a vineyard installed and the owner’s light up with joy!  If you have a troubled vineyard I have fixed dozens of poorly planned and planted vineyards that have been totally backwards by a landscaper. My vineyard manager Jeff is Assistant winemaker and vineyard manager to several vineyards’. Let us create a wonderfully landscaped backyard vineyard that will make your friends will say “wow”!

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