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We manage vineyards all over the East Bay and beyond.  Please call for a free evaluation of your backyard. We keep the cost down and believe it or not the drip we install for your grapes saves water. Many clients have ripped out landscaping and lawn and we replaced with a much more water efficient vineyard. Some have even used the Government rebate to pay for it!  We take pride in what we do, guaranteed! Norm and Jeff are seasoned professionals in the wine industry. They also use the Family team of Justice, Isabella, and Connor Peters!

Why call us? Because growing grapes and making wine is too much work to not have everyone enjoy drinking your wine!

Vineyard 4 U


“Norm is an extremely knowledgeable, reliable, and accessible vineyard consultant. He educates while he works, and his goal is to elevate the viticultural knowledge of the vineyard owner.  He frequently communicates via e-mail and digital photography to help keep costs down. Norm and his son Connor will provide a full range of services from consultation to actually performing the work. They have been instrumental in improving the health and appearance of our vines, and I highly recommend them to the home vineyard owner”
Greg Rumore M.D.