Vineyard Installation

Ok, we love to install custom vineyards. We call them ”Architectural Designs”, because we create a vineyard that will flow with your yard so it is very pleasing to the eye. We plan every vineyard from the vantage point of your BBQ, lounge chair, or kitchen window. That way when you look at them they will flow over your slope. All our installs have received glowing reviews from our vineyard owners. We also love the way they look.

  • We will create a custom design that fits your backyard perfectly and brings you joy.
  • We will choose the right rootstock for your soil so your vines create luscious wine.
  • We discuss with you the varietals you want and if they will work in the terroir you have. We know the best clones of each variety to use that winemaker’s love. For example Clone 337 of Cabernet Sauvignon will give you wonderful complexity to your wine as compared to Clone 7.
  • We choose the right trellis for your degree days or heat and climate.
  • We discuss with you the end post style you like. This is where owners have fun putting their stamp on it.
  • We use drip irrigation with two emitters per vine so the vine will stay healthy on a shorter watering time. We also adjust the irrigation timing to your soil type. For example; if you have sandy soil like I do in Oakley and if you watered for an hour a half hour three times a week the water would be wasted after fifteen minutes as it flies through the well-drained sand. It would be better to run shorter sets like 4 times a week for 10 minutes a pop. Thus you save 20 minutes of watering and you are better irrigating your vines.

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