VINEYARD SERVICES: We have seen many vineyards that have been put in with a landscaper’s advice. Vines are not like trees. They have many varying needs. We have corrected vineyards that have been poorly trained and have not produced good fruit, into flourishing high quality vineyards (while keeping the cost to a minimum). We have references if you need them. We can do it for you, or we can show you.

  • Above all proper consultation
  • Proper Pruning strategies
  • Proper trellising for your area
  • Correct shoot training
  • Creating a balanced vine (see pictures)
  • Planting new vineyards the right way.
  • Rescue work and repair on struggling vineyards

WINE SERVICES:  Proper yeast, yeast nutrition and fermentation strategies. True winemaking is perceived as very romantic, but you know how hard the work can be and how frustrating it can be to enjoy the wine you made. We can be there with you to create a great fermentation strategy, so your when your friends say they like your wine the are not just being nice.

  • Proper yeast choice
  • Proper yeast nutrition
  • Proper timing of yeast nutrition
  • Brix adjustment
  • Malo-lactic fermentation strategies
  • Proper storage and so2 adjustments when done.
  • Tools of the trade, secrets for better wine.

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Vineyard 4 U

This vine is over cropped and not properly shoot thinned.
This will create watered down fruit with light color and vegetative aromas.

Vineyard 4 U

Connor thinned out the weak shoots, thus creating a balanced vine. He will then drop some weak fruit after verasion. This creates a complex wine with fruity aromas and deep color.